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Three-dimensional model of personal identity

This is a representation of personal identity produced by third-year student Sebastian May, to illustrate an essay.

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Sebastian explains: "This globe represents the whirlwind of media products that constantly interact with our own identities and personalities every day.

"I made a globe because a twisting and turning sphere best symbolizes today's media industries. It reflects on the idea of convergence as well as pluralism of media products, as there are so many different elements interacting with each other in a thousand possible ways.

"On the lower half of the globe I have assembled images of rather basic values: love, sex, food, money, death. On the upper half there are images that reflect on individual lifestyles - personal preferences, tastes, smaller things that are important to the individual consumer.

"Along the 'equator' are media elements which make use of those basic values on the lower half and individual ones on top to create a more pleasurable and intricate media experience. There's a constant shape-shifting of all of these elements as the media evolve and create more and more possibilities for the 'user' or consumer to represent himself.

"I also drew on the idea of the disco ball. That's why the sphere stands on a rotating shiny platform and glitter is strawn over the globe. After all, media products are designed to be attractive, sparkling and fun. But then there's the moss, which represents mystery, and growth."

Sebastian adds: "I've really enjoyed making it. I would have liked to make a much larger one, but I didn't want to create something too large to fit into your office!"

View larger animation (1.2mb)
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