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The New Creative Audience Studies
A Symposium at Tate Britain, Wednesday 19 May 2004

The Centre for Creative Media Research held a symposium about new visual, creative research methods being used to understand the place of popular media in people's lives. In these studies, media consumers' own creativity, reflexivity and knowingness is harnessed: individuals are asked to produce media or visual material themselves, as a way of exploring their relationship with particular issues or dimensions of media.

Review of the event
A detailed discussion by Kate Taylor of Cornerhouse, Manchester

David Gauntlett
Introducing the symposium and these methods. Gauntlett has studied young people's relationship with media celebrities through drawings, and environmental beliefs through video-making. (Bournemouth Media School)

Sara Bragg
Presentation: Bragg has studied young people's feelings about sexual material in the media through scrapbook-making. (Institute of Education)

Ross Horsley
Presentation: Horsley has studied young masculinities through making covers for men's magazines. (University of Leeds)

Merris Griffiths
Presentation: Griffiths has studied children's attitudes to advertising through drawings. (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)

Geoff Lealand
Presentation: Lealand has studied young people's media use through drawings and visuals. (University of Waikato, New Zealand)

About the speakers
Mini-biographies of the researchers

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